Monday, October 13, 2008

scalp treatment oil

5 tsp. or 15 ml Jojoba oil
4 tsp. or 12 ml Neem oil
1 tsp. or 3 ml Hemp seed oil
2 drops each of these essential oils:
Carrot Seed
Bay Leaf
Chamomile, either Roman or Blue

Mix carrier oils, then add essential oils. This provides optimal dilution of essential oil to carrier oil, that is, 14 drops/oz.Mix & warm by rolling bottle in hands, do not heat over flame or in microwave.
Massage a few drops daily with finger tips into flaky, red, or itchy areas on the scalp (leaves hands nice and soft afterwards, too!)
Cautions: Leave out rosemary if being used by a pregnant person

taken from FNWL

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