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This is snowdrift farms how to make lotion video, It's not as informative as I thought it would be, or interactive, but it gets the message across.

You can purchase some or all of the ingredients needed at Snowdrift farms

Whipped shea butter recipe

I like this video. I am a person that learns visually, as well as reading and memorizing but its sooo much better when you can see it being done. More video's are diffenately forth coming

The mica powder for luster is a great idea, I must say. Loves it :)

Im pretty sure that you can purchase all these ingredients at Costal Scents or you can check out FNWL. If you have another source for purchasing your products you can use them as well.

Hair tamer serum

Hair Tamer Serumsubmitted by HBN President Donna Maria
Hair Tamer Serum is something easy and effective for dry climates and during the wintertime in any part of the world. Try this daily if you have especially dry hair, less often if your hair is more oily. Either way, you''re bound to experience less split ends as your hair becomes accustomed to being treated to the rich oils in this serum. The castor oil adds shine too!

Yield: 4 ounces
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Shelf Life: 6 months

2 ounces liquid shea butter
1/2 ounce linseed oil
1/2 ounce jojoba oil
1/2 ounce castor oil
1/4 ounce vitamin E
1/4 ounce hemp seed oil
15 drops sweet orange essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops rosemary essential oil
2 drops tea tree essential oil

Blending Procedure:
Combine the essential oils in a small glass container and shake gently to mix. Store in a dark place for about 1 week.

Combine first 7 ingredients (all unscented oils) together in a plastic flip top bottle and shake gently to combine.

Add the essential oil blend to the unscented oils and shake well. To use, apply to hair that has been towel dried and work through with fingertips. Use more for long and especially dry hair to enhance styling capabilities and shine.

Hair Tamer Serum works best for thick, natural, textured dry, frizzy and/or curly locks! (If you do not like the feel of oil on your hair, this is not the product for you.)

hempy chick hair pomade

This conditioner is full of oils that are fabulous for the hair and scalp. Watch out for the curls, volume and radiance!

Yield: Approx. 10 ounces
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Shelf Life: Indefinit

6 ounces organic hemp seed oil
2 ounces babassu oil
1 ounce beeswax
1 ounce shea butter (unrefined, Ghana)
1/8 ounce ylang ylang essential oil
3 drops clove essential oil
1 drop geranium essential oil
1 drop sandalwood essential oil
1 drop neroli essential oil

Blending Procedure:
Combine hemp seed oil, babassu oil, beeswax and shea butter in a heat proof measuring cup (Pyrex is nice to use). Place the cup containing the oils and butter into a pan of boiling water and heat until wax is nearly melted, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat once the wax is nearly melted.

Stir the mixture to make sure all wax has melted into the liquefied oils. Add the essentail oils and stir again to ensure the mix.

Pour Hempy Chick Hair Pomade into clean jars and allow to cool before capping. You can store this for up to about 3 months. As always, be sure to use clean fingers to dispense the product to minimize contamination.

To use Hempy Chick Hair Pomade, massage it into the scalp and hair ends while your hair is still wet from shampooing. Comb through and enjoy the curls, volume and radiance!!

The Patchouli Mojo Scrub

The Patchouli Mojo Scrub

Makes about 8 Ounces of Scrub


· 2 cups Sea Salt Fine

· 1 cup High Linoleic Safflower Oil

· 1 teaspoon Red Sandalwood Powder

· 1 tablespoon Walnut Shell Powder, Fine (60/100)

· 25 drops Organic Patchouli, India Essential Oil

· 20 drops Organic Mandarin, Italy Essential Oil

· 10 drops Lime, Cold Pressed, Mexico Essential Oil

· 5 drops Geranium, Bourbon, Madagascar Essential Oil

· 5 drops Cypress, Crete Essential Oil

· 1/8 teaspoon Grapefruit Seed Extract


Scoop 2 cups of Sea Salt, Fine, 1 teaspoon of Red Sandalwood Powder, and 1 tablespoon Walnut Shell Powder in a medium sized mixing bowl. Next, add 1 cup of High Linoleic Safflower Oil to the mixture and stir well. Add the Essential Oils one at a time, followed by the Grapefruit Seed Extract. Stir the mixture well, making sure to fully blend the ingredients. Once the mixture is ready spoon it into 2 oz. or 4 oz. PET Jars.

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Blissful body Mousse

Blissful Body Mousse


5 Ounces Shea Butter, Crushed and Refined

3 Ounces Peach Kernel Oil
3 Ounces Safflower Oil, High Linoleic
1 Ounce Jojoba Esters, 70 (MP70)
1 Teaspoon Cornstarch

Essential Oil Blend

15 drops Bourbon Vanilla Absolute

25 drops Bergamot, Ivory Coast

5 Drops Ylang Ylang Extra, Madagascar


In a double boiler, melt and heat the Shea Butter to approximately 175 Degrees Fahrenheit. Hold the melted Shea Butter at this temperature for at least twenty minutes before adding the Jojoba Esters. Holding the melted Shea Butter at this heat for twenty minutes will allow tiny crystals in the butter to fully melt, allowing a smooth, even texture to form when the butter has cooled. As soon as the Jojoba Esters have melted remove the mixture from heat. Depending on your double boiler you may have to transfer the mixture to a bowl. Next, add the Peach Kernel and Safflower Oils, and the Cornstarch. Stir the mixture well then begin to whip it. I recommend using a hand or stand mixer for this step, as the whipping process can take a fairly long time. Whip the mixture for 5 - 10 minutes then add the Essential Oil Blend. Continue to whip the mixture for another 5 - 10 minutes. As the mixture cools it will thicken, and firm up. The finished mixture can be spooned or piped into containers. Within a few hours, the Mousse should set and become stiff.

Packaging and Usage

The Blissful Body Mousse looks fabulous packed in Flat PET Jars. It can also be stored in Flat or Dome Cream Jars. This recipe will fill about 20 ounces of volume. It should fill about five 4 Ounce Jars or ten 2 Ounce Jars.

courtesy of the natural beauty workshop

Lemongrass salt scrub

Lemongrass Salt Scrub
Makes about 8 ounces of scrub


1 cup Fine or Medium Grain Dead Sea Salt
1/2 ounce Mango Butter
1/2 ounce Babassu Oil
1 ounce Poppy Seed Oil
2 teaspoons Yellow Illite Clay
10 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
10 drops Vanilla Absolute (Optional - This helps to soften the strong aroma of Lemongrass Essential Oil. You can also use a more economic synthetic Vanilla Fragrance Oil.)

Gently warm the Mango Butter and Babassu Oils until they are completely melted. In a mixing bowl, combine the melted butter and oil with the Poppy Seed Oil and the Dead Sea Salt. Stir well, and then add the Yellow Illite Clay and Essential Oils. Stir the mixture well, making sure to fully disperse the Essential Oils and Clay. Add a preservative if you'd like before spooning the mixture into jars.

Packaging and Usage
I prefer to package this scrub in PET Plastic Jars. These crystal clear jars show off the product well and are very durable. In a sealed container, this scrub should last several months, but after it is opened it can easily become contaminated during use. Keeping the jar away from water, and using clean utensils to scoop out the scrub will help to keep it from becoming contaminated. You can also package the scrub in single serving containers so that they will be used up completely after they opened.

Ayurvedic Hair Rinse

Ayurvedic Hair Rinse

Makes about 16 ounces

1 1/2 cups Distilled Water
2 tablespoons Haritaki Powder
2 tablespoons Hibiscus Petal Powder
1/2 cup Rosemary Hydrosol
1/2 cup Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
You Will Also Need
A Cheesecloth or a Large Tea Bag

Bring 1/2 cups of Distilled Water to a boil, add powdered herbs and stir well. Reduce heat to low simmer, cover, and allow to gently boil for 30 minutes. Remove the mixture from heat and allow to cool completely. After the infusion has cooled completely, strain it through a cheesecloth and into a mixing bowl or pitcher. The mixture may have to be strained more than once to remove all of the plant material.

Alternatively, you can add the powdered herbs to a Large Tea Bag to avoid the messy process of straining the herbs. Using an iron, seal the Hibiscus Petal Powder and Haritaki Powder into a Large Tea Bag prior to beginning this recipe. Boil the water, add the tea bag, reduce to simmer, and allow the water to gently boil (covered) for thirty minutes. Allow the mixture to cool completely before removing the tea bag and moving on the next step.

Add the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Rosemary Hydrosol to the mixing bowl or pitcher and stir well. If you are adding any optional scent to the rinse, do so now. Pour the mixture into snap or disc cap bottles.

Usage and Packaging
PET or HDPE Plastic Bottles with Snap or Disc Caps make great applicators for herbal hair rinses. After shampooing, simply douse your hair with the rinse, allowing all of your hair to be saturated. You may rinse your hair again with water, or leave the mixture in your hair. While the scent of the vinegar and rosemary will wear off after your hair has dried, the Ayurvedic herbs may leave a slight aroma in your hair if you choose not to rinse.

Ayurvedic Hair Cream

Ayurvedic Hair Cream
Makes about 4 ounces.

1 ounce Amla Oil*
1 ounces Mahabhringraj Oil*
2 ounces Shealoe Butter

Gently melt the Shealoe Butter over medium heat in a double boiler. As soon as the Shealoe Butter has softened into a liquid, remove it from the heat and add the two Ayurvedic Oils. Whip the mixture until it cools. The cream should thicken slightly as it cools down, but will not become firm. If desired, add a few drops of your favorite Absolute, Attar, or Essential Oil. Jasmine Absolute would be a great choice. Transfer the mixture to a clean jar and allow it to cool completely.

Usage and Packaging
This intensely moisturizing hair cream can be used in very small quantities to add targeted moisture, or to help a hair style hold its texture. Ayurvedic Hair Cream may be especially effective when applied to the ends of the hair, or when it is rubbed into the scalp as an overnight treatment. Please note that this formula may be too intense for some hair types. Experiment with a small amount before using a lot of product. Ayurvedic Hair Cream can be packaged in any 4 ounce jar. I particularly like using Flat White Cream Jars for this formula

recipe courtesty o f the natural beauty workshop

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Ingredient Encylopedia

Emulsifying Wax
Emulsifying wax (which can be either plant- or petroleum-based) is an ingredient that emulsifies the ingredients in a cream or lotion product, thus preventing them from separating in the mix. Emulsifying wax produces a much more reliable, stable emulsion than a beeswax/borax combination.

Emulsifying wax is created when the wax material (either a vegetable wax of some kind or a petroleum-based wax) is treated with a detergent (typically sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) or polysorbates) to cause it to make oil and water bind together into a smooth emulsion.
If using SLS-free ingredients is important to you, check with your supplier to make sure the wax they sell does not contain SLS. Likewise, if you prefer not to use petroleum by-products in your cosmetics, ask your supplier if the emulsifying wax they sell is petroleum based.

Ingredient Encylopedia

Rose Hips Seed Oil
Rose Hips Seed Oil (Rosa mosqueta) is known for its ability to help accelerate and facilitate the healing of scar tissue and can also help prevent and fade stretch marks

Ingredient Encylopedia

Along with essential oils, the water soluble component of a plant material, known as hydrosol or plant water, is produced during the distillation process. For example, while rose essential oil is being distilled from the petals, hydrosol (or rose water) is also being extracted. Hydrosols are sometimes called "hydrolats," and contain tiny micro-droplets of essential oils making them a great complement in skincare products.

Hydrosols are very gentle and can be used in higher concentrations than essential oils directly on the skin. Beware of products labeled simply "rose water" or "lavender water" because they are often simply prepared combinations of distilled water and fragrance or essential oil, along with an emulsifier to produce a saturated solution that will not separate. These prepared waters are missing the top fresh notes and skincare benefits of pure hydrosols. Another type of prepared water is a concentrate filled with alcohol. Again, these waters are not optimal for skincare. For best skincare results, use pure hydrosols in your cosmetics

Ingredient Encylopedia

Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
Panthenol (Vitamin B5) has been shown to actually penetrate the hair to help strengthen and revive it. Use it in small quantities in shampoos and conditioners.

Ingredient Encylopedia

Germaben II
Germaben II is a water soluble synthetic preservative suitable to preserve emulsions and other products containing water. Germaben II contains parabens which can cause adverse skin reactions in some people. Consult your chosen supplier of this ingredient for more details.

True Rose Hair Conditioner

Yield: Approx. 400 grams
Prep Time: Approx. 1 hour
Shelf Life: Indefinite
19 grams emulsifying wax
16 grams emulsifying conditioner
4 grams T-50
4 grams unrefined rose hip seed oil
4 grams babassu seed oil
334 gramd rose hydrosol
4 grams silk amino acids
4 gramd dl-Panthenol
1 gram allantoin
4 grams Cromadol STS or cyclomethicone or dimethicone)
4 grams hydorlized wheat protein
1 gram silk powder
1 gram Germall Plus (powder) or other preservative1 teaspoon fragrance or essential oil of choice, optional for stronger scent
Blending Procedure:
  • Heat Rose Hydrosol and Silk Amino Acids to 165F. Take off heat. Add dl Panthenol and Allantoin when water has slightly cooled.
  • When measuring oils, keep out a small amount to dissolve silk powder. Set aside. Heat remainder of oil and emulsifiers until melted.
  • Slowly add oils/emulsifier to water phase. (Be sure Allantoin and dl Panthenol has dissolved first.) Zap with blender to mix.
  • Add Crodamol, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, and Silk Powder. Zap with stick blender.
  • When cooled, add Germall Plus. Add fragrance if desired. To make this a thinner conditioner the amount of Polowax can be reduced slightly.
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Beauty Collective Intro

So I decided to start this "blog" to gather all the homemade beauty recipes that I come across. It would be better to store them on my computer but I want it to be organized (im meticulous about my organization). So until I find a program or something along the lines that I can organize "my" recipes in, I will be using blogger.
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