Monday, September 1, 2008

Ingredient Encylopedia

Along with essential oils, the water soluble component of a plant material, known as hydrosol or plant water, is produced during the distillation process. For example, while rose essential oil is being distilled from the petals, hydrosol (or rose water) is also being extracted. Hydrosols are sometimes called "hydrolats," and contain tiny micro-droplets of essential oils making them a great complement in skincare products.

Hydrosols are very gentle and can be used in higher concentrations than essential oils directly on the skin. Beware of products labeled simply "rose water" or "lavender water" because they are often simply prepared combinations of distilled water and fragrance or essential oil, along with an emulsifier to produce a saturated solution that will not separate. These prepared waters are missing the top fresh notes and skincare benefits of pure hydrosols. Another type of prepared water is a concentrate filled with alcohol. Again, these waters are not optimal for skincare. For best skincare results, use pure hydrosols in your cosmetics

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